symbolism finding feathers

I have had a lot of bird run ins today. Earlier today I saw a Cardinal in our tree outside our office window, and then on my way to our shed I found a very large amount of feathers of all type outside in front of it. I had never seen that amount of feathers before without finding a dead bird. I searched for a little, hoping to bury the poor thing if I could find it, but I didn’t. It seemed to be from a pretty common pigeon called and a Band-Tailed Pigeon, which are very common pretty much everywhere in the U.S.. This has prompted me to look into the symbolism behind finding feathers. It seems very similar to feathers in general, which is to be expected.

“higher thought, spiritual progression”

“When you find feathers upon your path it could be taken to mean that you are on a higher spiritual path (whether you accept it or not), and it may be a sign of encouragement as you philosophically travel on this path.”

Considering that I am currently making many changes in my life to allow me more room in which to express myself more on a esoteric level.

“Finding feathers on your path is also symbolic of having a lighter outlook on life or a particulary situation. When we see feathers in our midst it is considered a message that we need to lighten up, not take things too seriously, and try to find the joy in our situation.”

This also makes sense for me. I have been having some very confusing dreams, and just in general I have felt stressed by situations which I feel need my attention even though I am not ready to go to the next step quite yet.

“Yet feathers are more than history. For many, they are mystical signs, messages, or opportunities. They are scraps of synchronicity in the flowing patchwork of universal meanings. They appear in unlikely places as assurances of well-being, as a comforting sign of abundance in the universe, and as unmistakable messengers of hope and encouragement. Their ephemeral grace makes them the perfect emissaries of spiritual and emotional freedom.”

I am thinking I will try at hand making a smudging fan from these found feathers, taking the encouragement seriously and using it’s good will and association to empower myself to find balance and to move forward happily.

“Finding a feather is society’s way of telling you that you are a coward without the unpleasantness of stating this face to face. A white feather is left in an obvious place where you may be expected to find it or sent in an envelope but without a sender’s name. The practice was apparently used when someone failed to volunteer for military service, for example. A movie by that name, “The White Feather”, appeared in the forties I believe.”

“Finding a feather is an omen that generally dictates you will receive some type of important news from an unexpected source. To determine the type of news that’s on its way, examine the color and size of the feather and judge accordingly!

“”Finding a feather” on your path tells you you are on the right path. Several cultures use this metaphor, but it originates in Native American mythology. For example, refer to the link below:

Feathers are also connected to Angelic messengers for whatever reason. I would love to know why if anyone knows! These types of feathers are often thought to be white.

The color of the feather can of course have an add meaning, like anything else.


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